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Free University of Bozen


Scans of some past exams are available for download. Due to privacy concerns, you need to have a valid, confirmed account to this Wiki.

Lecture notes

Until I finally get around to sort out this mess, maybe you'll also want to consult the Aleturo Teaching homepage as well, especially the table of contents there.

Some pages are protected and are only accessible with a valid account on this Wiki. You will know whom to ask to get one.

For current lectures (spring 2012 onwards) a newsfeed is available which gets updated every time a new bunch of pages goes online. In particular, the following lectures have been added recently:

  • AI: March 21 ☿ (2012-03-26 00:17 (f))
    knowledge representation (cont'd); from sentences to objects; atomic predicates; description logic; constants, concepts, roles; formal semantics of description logic; ontologies; types of ontologies; formal ontologies; basic tools in ontology
  • FLP: March 22 ♃ (2012-03-25 23:53 (f))
    list processing (cont'd); zip/3 (example); flatten/2: list flattening; records and structures; trees as recursive data structures; tree membership and traversal
  • FLP: March 21 ☿ (2012-03-25 23:01 (f))
    list processing (cont'd); append/3: appending to a list; mode of a predicate; member/2: test list membership; remove/3: removing from a list; zip/3: merging two lists
  • PM: March 23 ♀ (2012-03-25 22:35 (f))
    test driven development; what is T.D.D.; how does it work; advantages of T.D.D.; the four comandments of T.D.D.; the T.D.D. mantra: red, green, refactor; refactoring and T.D.D.; continuous integration, continuous delivery; suggested reading
  • PM: March 12 ☽ (2012-03-25 22:33 (f))
    (work on the project)
  • P&C: March 20 ♂ (2012-03-21 01:25 (f))
    presentation: 'Alfa Romeo'; presentation: 'Android OS'
  • P&C: March 19 ☽ (2012-03-21 01:23 (f))
    presentation: 'Präsentieren--aber richtig'; presentation: 'SRP: School Resource Planning'
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