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Lecture Notes

I will try to scan my lecture notes in a timely fashion. See below for a live feed of which lectures are already covered.

  • PM: March 5 ☽
    welcome; some words about course organisation and projects; problems of software projects; 12 success factors; agile development, extreme programming; 12 practices of X.P.; the importance of feedback
  • PM: March 12 ☽
    (work on the project)
  • PM: March 23 ♀
    test driven development; what is T.D.D.; how does it work; advantages of T.D.D.; the four comandments of T.D.D.; the T.D.D. mantra: red, green, refactor; refactoring and T.D.D.; continuous integration, continuous delivery; suggested reading

The Big Deal: Our team's project

Our team's project has it's own namespace. Visit The Big Deal for details (only available to team members).

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